It comes from the fact that the corporate information is not liquid, difficult to move through entities, and that we think this won't change. Therefore we accept the reality of "the rocks". What can be changed however, is the ability to extract wisdom from those rocks by fine tuning every aspect of their privacy, and not trying to move them away.
  Rockchain is not a Blockchain. It is a true decentralized system (not simply because it uses Ethereum, but because it is designed as a decentralized network); but its role is not to provide transactional integrity, but to link corporate and private data to smart contract logic. We're bringing computation TO THE DATA thanks to the ethereum blockchain. We're also connecting Smart Contracts to our computation engine, allowing them to react on some data event.
Rockchain is an ambitious infrastructure solving a major issue: linking the corporate networks to the public blockchain. We've seen other very promising projects on those topics (such as Polkadot) but Rockchain is integrated into a unique scripting engine (à la Ethereum); we think the simplicity of the design is a key success factor for enforcing complex distributed privacy constraints. Because we're helping the incredible Ethereum community to connect to the corporate world, preventing the birth of numerous Ethereum private clones, we hope we can get some support from the community. we truly believe Rockchain success will increase considerably the functional scope of the DAPPs.
  We plan to perform six major releases internally before open sourcing the code. We're already deploying some test infrastructures (the FactMap nodes) on some customers that need really restricted use of Rockchain. Although the architecture is now defined, there are still major integration and stabilization challenges to be met, and that's why we only plan to release the code 10 months after the ICO.
First, we deal with data privacy: we did not see other projects concerned about hiding data to the public blockchain. Then, our engine is truly distributed: you cannot break the whole computation chain by shutting down your node, since the computation is replicated. Last, the scripts are public, living on distributed nodes, and calling each others on our Rockchain network, exactly like Ethereum smart contracts.