Distributed data privacy

Rockchain brings your private data and the Ethereum public blockchain together. In a rock solid way.

Rockchain enables distributed applications on the public blockchain to perform calculations, collaboration orchestration and machine learning on local private data.

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Rockchain – The Ethereum Data Privacy Protocols

1. The only Ethereum Data Privacy solution today

2. Unlocking the Blockchain potential for enterprise usage.

3. A second-layer infrastructure needed by the Ethereum community.

4. dAppbox in Alpha Version, already deployed on some customers sites.

Rockchain use cases

Rockchain is a distributed network and APIs working with the Ethereum blockchain making privacy-ready DAPPs possible.

Automating companies collaboration

  • Shared R&D coinvestment programs
  • Consortium data governance
  • Internal data flow governance
  • IT infrastructures: Distributed datalakes, access rights on remote data flows
  • Microservices: Invoicing on data facts

Ecosystem & Governance

  • Health services ecosystem: DNA file analysis, medical imaging, biofeedback measures
  • Financial data regulation: risk measures without revealing financial strategies
  • Advertising: peer to peer advertisement networks
  • BI on Ethereum (Peridot Intuit Edition): real time BI dashboards on Ethereum and Rockchain data
  • Distributed machine learning (Peridot Intuit Edition): learn data clusters from private and distributed datasets

Consumers privacy-centered applications

  • Privacy strict social apps (dating sites with privacy-preserving matching, search on demand for blog content)
  • Privacy preserving robo-advisors (mortgages, loans, personal savings, robo-traders, health advisors, psy-advisors, online game advisors)
  • Media content distributors: Define you own pricing model and govern your audience

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Sebastien Jehan

CEO & Rockchain Inventor

Aayush Anand

Technical coordinator & cloud architect

Yosra Helal

Blockchain developer

Melanie Hadj Hamou

Community Manager

Regis Gourdel

GO and crypto developer

Karim Mabrouk

GO developer

Cyrine Baccar

BI & Python developer

Miguel Velasco

GO developer

Djeneba BOCOUM

GO developer IOT & Smart Devices

Sebastien Collignon

Strategic partnerships - Rockchain Alliance

Jeff Guilbault

Communication & Content advisor

Pierre Bittner

Banking business model decentralization

Christophe Ozcan

Blockchain ecosystem advisor

Laurent Grangeau

Advisor on the Rockchain cloud toolkit

Elie Cezard

Advisor for the asset management industry

Privacy-enabled distributed applications on Rockchain

Current projects building their distributed applications on Rockchain network


Personal Genomics Analysis DAPP


Decentralized RegTech Plateform

Rockchain Timeline

FEB 2017
Lambda Vision Launch

Rockchain rule engine architecture

JUNE 2017
Whitepaper Release


Q3 2017
ICO contract release

Q3 2017

Q1 2018
Distributed File System Alpha Release

Q2 2018
Rockchain Engine Alpha, single cluster

Q3 2018
Proof of Computation Alpha, TEST_ROKNET LIVE

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Rockchain mailing list
Rockchain mailing list