Sébastien Jehan

Sébastien Jehan – CEO, Rockchain Inventor

Sébastien is a serial entrepreneur with a strong experience in building complex international IT systems (mostly in banks). He is a Telecom Engineer graduate (TélécomParisSud), with a MSc in Finance (ICMA), and has focused his career on Ethereum since 2015. His latest project founded from scratch was Sebastien is also an advisor on, the first distributed investment research network. Sebastien has experienced several cultural work environment (US, Japan, Europe) and has experience in Devops automation and Datascience (he's also animating a meetup Datascience in Finance).

Melanie Hadj Hamou

Melanie Hadj Hamou - Community Manager assistant

A passionate traveler, Mélanie was brought up in several countries around the world. After studying International Business for three years, she decided to take a new orientation and study communication. The ECS ( European Communication School - Paris 16ème) is the school she picked to do her masters degree in. She joined Rockchain as a Community Manager assistant.

Yosra Helal

Yosra Helal- Blockchain developer

A graduate from Paris IX Dauphine University with a Master MIAGE, Yosra is specialized in blockchain developments. Yosra developed the first blockchain proof-of-concept at SOPRA Steria in France based on NXT, before joining Almerys, where she was leading the blockchain platform developments, in particular in the MyHealthMyData project under the Hyperledger Blockchain.

Oscar Luis Blanco Brito

Oscar Luis Blanco Brito - Golang developer

Oscar is a programmer and a telecommunication engineer. He is a graduate from the University of Carabobo, where he was a teacher assistant of Computing I and II for one year. He is currently developing Golang software and pythong scripts for Rockchain.

Nadine Makni

Aayush Anand - Technical project coordinator and cloud architect

Aayush has worked with different startups and companies, helping them realize their IT and cloud automation potential. He is a graduate in information technology. He is currently working in maintaining and creating cloud infrastructure for Rockchain and helping assessing technical tasks dependencies as a coordinator.

Cyrine Baccar

Cyrine Baccar - BI Front Developer

Graduated from the university of ESPRIT in Tunisia, Cyrine is an IT engineer specialized in ERP & Business Intelligence, and also from the Higher Institute of management in Tunisia She had a Degree in computer science applied to management. Strongly interested in business intelligence and data visualization, during her university career and projects, her main tasks were the Implementation of BI solutions with dynamic and real-time dashboards. She joined Rockchain as a Front BI Developer.